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This is no time for prayer.

Sangvori is a multiplayer first-person survival horror, allowing up to 12 players to experience the terror brought by the undocumented Sanguisugic Plague in an asymmetrically balanced round-based game. Sangvori offers a unique blend of cooperative and versus gameplay that has you going from Amnesia esc avoidance and survival to intense player versus player combat in the blink of an eye. Our 'trust no-one' approach to design has allowed us to create a game where every decision has a risk, a reward and a choice, forcing players to second guess themselves in an environment where second guessing yourself can be a fatal mistake. Taking place in the 14th Century, our game is set during the Black Death, one of the most horrific and gruesome periods in history that had previously been untouched by games. Until now.

Named after the irrational craving for blood suffered by its victims; the Sanguisugic Plague spreads quickly, pulsing through their veins, contaminating their brain and taking control over their bodily functions. Consumed by a hunger, victims tear into the flesh of the unsuspecting; crazed, feral and broken.

Death is inevitable.

Sangvori is a peer-to-peer multiplayer game using the port 6871, non-LAN play requires the host to port forward.

Developed and Published by Dreambyte Interactive.

Programming: Troy Atkinson

Animation & Design: Alexander Vining

Environment & Prop Art: Jack Williams

Character Art: Georgia Higgins

Level Design: Ben Percival

Narrative Design & User Interface Art: Elizabeth Osborne

Music and Sound Design: Luke Holdstock

Design: Connor Mathews

Rated 3.9 out of 5 stars
(7 total ratings)
AuthorsTroy Atkinson, Lizzi Osborne, Luke Holdstock
Tags3D, First-Person, Horror, Multiplayer, Survival Horror, Team-Based


Sangvori 1.0.0 (Windows x64) 347 MB


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my pc 32 bit and there are alot of people have 32bit pc 


hahaha loser

can you make the game 32 bit please





Im sorry , I cant tell if this is online . im looking o play horro games with my online friends , :V


no funca

par puta se pika dab usco u gace

ovo je trollll horor 0%

i hope it is good


i cant download it


ha loser

Deleted 2 years ago

a really scary


boi bot

is this game alive still?!

Uhhh blocks the settings so I can't change some things? Thxs I guess

is x64 :(

Damn! The trailer looked so good! I want to play it, but my potato only runs x32

I made a video with a bunch of friends it was pretty fun except the fact that some friend had to much lag and not enough brightness. there was also one of them that was immortal we were two bloodsuckers always hitting him for 15 minute

the video is in french


Le jeu est fun si vous etes capable d'ignorer quelque bugue et d'avoir au moins 5 personnes

J'ai faite une video sur ce jeu (et d'autre jeu Itch.io si vous voulez voir ma chaine)

Neat game! Looks like it has some interesting mechanics.


Thank-you Mister :)

the game is too dark and on 640 resolution is even darker but the environment and the game play as you described is awesome but if we can't see it then it won't mean anything ..

Looks great! Get back to me on Tim@playsource.co